Moving to a new city is fun and exciting. But it can also be overwhelming, especially when you’ve got to find new healthcare providers. The pandemic created workforce shortages that are felt all across the U.S., including Bend. Long wait times to establish care with a dentist can create issues, especially when you’re struggling with a dental emergency. 

When moving to a new area, there are many things to do before you’re fully settled, and while finding a dentist may not top your list, it should. Chances are, you and your family will not experience a dental emergency, but if you do, your options for who you can see will likely be limited. Most dentists require a patient to get established before emergency care can be provided. Living Dental Health offers emergency visits for non-established patients, but getting seen will not happen as quickly as if you were an established patient. 

“Our established patients get top priority for available appointments,” said Dr. Andy Engel. “And while we see new patients for emergencies, appointment availability is limited.”

On Dental Anxiety

Finding a new dentist can be stressful. Not only do you want someone you can trust, but you also want someone with an excellent chairside manner. Dental anxiety is a genuine concern for many Americans. Choosing a dentist that gets to know you before getting “to business” can mean the difference between a good or a negative experience. Dr. Engel schedules extra time for his new patients so they can just talk. That may be just what you need. Or maybe it isn’t. The point is that communication builds trust and respect. We like that. So, we like to talk with our patients. 

“Getting to know my patients is important because it helps me better understand their concerns, past experiences, and goals,” said Dr. Engel. “These initial conversations are critical to establishing a relationship with patients built on trust and respect. I want patients to feel comfortable asking me anything.” 

On Experience

Some may say that a dentist is a dentist. For those with this viewpoint, we ask, does the dentist who graduated at the bottom of their class have the same knowledge as the one who graduated at the top? Um, no! Experience matters. The more experience a dentist has, the more proficient they are at identifying and treating oral health issues. Dr. Andy is celebrating his 25th year as a dentist. Enough said. 

On Vibe

Have you walked into a business lately and felt like the staff wanted you to be there? I really hope your answer is yes, but it may be more no than yes. The patient experience has gone by the wayside since the pandemic, but not at Living Dental Health. We pick and choose the people who work in our office based on their abilities and personalities. Happy employees make happy patients, so we don’t want grumpy people working at our office. When you visit us, you will see smiles and people who genuinely want to be there and want you to be there too.

On Appointment Wait Times

When you need to be seen by the dentist, you need to be seen. Many dentists in Bend, Oregon, are struggling with staffing issues, causing long delays in getting seen. We believe in staffing an appropriate number of people so we don’t have excessive waits for established patient appointments.  

On the Whole Health and Oral Health Connection

Don’t let anyone tell you differently; your oral health is connected to your whole health. Gum disease is linked to several serious health conditions, including heart disease. So taking care of your teeth not only impacts how your breath smells but also how your body functions. Plus, getting to the root of an oral health problem can cause it to stop happening. Doesn’t that sound lovely? For example, suppose you have a problem with recurrent cavities. Rather than just filling them and letting you go your way, Dr. Andy wants to identify the underlying cause of why you continue to get cavities (despite good hygiene). If we can get to the root of the problem, we can likely make it stop. 

Your health is important – it is even more critical than unpacking the boxes that are stacked along the walls. Take the time to find a dentist in Bend, OR, who will prioritize your health.  Check out reviews on Google to better understand the popular opinion of that provider. Want to see ours? Have a look at our Google profile by clicking here

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