Healthcare today seems shrouded in mystery and unknowns – especially if you’re a consumer.

You think you will see one dentist and then get switched to another when you show up for your appointment. And all too frequently, those services that you thought were covered by insurance at 80% are only covered at 50%, unless you choose downgraded material. Sadly, you don’t realize this until you get a big fat bill in the mail a couple of weeks after your appointment. 

Why is it that healthcare and dentistry, in particular, have become less about the patient’s experience and more about money and time? Are the closures caused by COVID still creating ripples for which consumers continue to pay? And has our dependence on the internet led to (at best) watered-down communication for the few people willing to press until their questions are appropriately answered? 

Imagine transparency in dentistry. Heck, imagine transparency in healthcare. 

At Living Dental Health, we believe that excellent dental health begins with relationships. Our motto is “customized care with a gentle touch,” and we strive to make that the guiding principle of our work. What does this mean, and should you care? Absolutely.

Dentists don’t exactly have the reputation of being the coolest cats to visit. Unless you have some strange fetish for drills and pokey tools, most people like to limit their dentist appointments to the minimum required for maintaining good oral health (or are we being generous here). But dentistry doesn’t have to be painful or stressful or even wallet obliterating.

Transparency in dentistry is contingent upon communication.

At Living Dental Health, we want our patients to feel heard and cared for. You should feel welcome and informed when you call our office to schedule an appointment. You are busy, and your time should always be respected. When you schedule an appointment with us – whether for a cleaning or dental procedure – we ensure you know what to expect so you can plan your day appropriately. We don’t like waiting to see the doctor and assume that you don’t either. Your appointment time is just that – your appointment time. Does this mean we always run on time? No. We are healthcare providers, and emergencies do come up occasionally. But by and large, we run a tight ship to ensure our patients are given the attention they deserve. 

And if you’re like us, transparency in pricing can make or break a relationship. Our team is trained to advocate for patients – whether that means in billing or treatment recommendations. We believe that a well-informed patient is a happier patient. If you truly appreciate the details of your appointment, your billing, and any treatment recommendations made by Dr. Andy, you can make more informed decisions. You can learn more about the ins and outs of dental insurance in our article here

Any care you receive is always up to you. You must live with your teeth. As your dental provider, we ensure you know everything you can to make the best decision for your health and happiness. What you do today will impact your tomorrow. 

Living Dental Health