For many, the thought of wearing braces as an adult is a complete and utter no-way! Braces are a right of passage for kids, but most adults outgrow the patience and willingness to undergo uncomfortable tooth movement. Do you want to be a brace face in your 40s or 50s? Not likely. 

Whether you’ve already gone through orthodontia as a child and teen or have never taken the plunge, options are available to make wearing braces as an adult a little more palatable and, dare we say, unnoticeable. Clear aligner braces (we use ClearCorrect™) are an excellent alternative to traditional braces that can give you the same results without the drawbacks. We chose to offer ClearCorrect because it was developed by the creators of Invisalign, who left Invisalign to develop a product they felt was better. We agree! Here are some of the advantages of clear aligner braces for adults:

Clear aligners are (almost) invisible: Unlike their metal counterparts, clear aligner braces are made of plastic, which means they are practically invisible. This means you can wear them and move your teeth without anyone knowing! Take that ego! 

ClearCorrect™ are removable: Okay, if you are a patient, you probably remember that Dr. Andy went through wearing braces as an adult – and he opted for the metal kind. God bless him. But one major drawback of metal braces is eating! Ugh. Heaven forbid you bite down on a sandwich and then smile. Metal braces are magnets for collecting food. The great thing about clear aligners is that they are removable. That means you can enjoy that all-you-can-eat buffet and smile without feeling self-conscious about having anything stuck between your brackets. 

ClearCorrect braces are comfortable: Metal braces can be uncomfortable to wear. Clear aligners are made of smooth plastic, making them less likely to irritate your gums and the inside of your mouth. Bonus: no rubber bands! Woohoo! 

Clear aligners are precise: The magic behind clear aligners is that they are made for you. They are designed to fit your teeth perfectly, with regular adjustments to help them move over time. New aligners are provided to you about every six to eight weeks to ensure your teeth continue moving and you get the desired results.  

ClearCorrect braces are faster than traditional braces: Clear aligner braces work faster than conventional braces by making lots of small movements, which means they don’t cause as much soreness as the big changes that are made with wires and brackets. The constant pressure that the aligners place on teeth helps them move more quickly. 

Clear aligners effectively address almost every problem for which orthodontia would be recommended. They’re an excellent option for adults who want to straighten their teeth without the world knowing they are doing it. If you are considering braces, talk to your dentist about ClearCorrect™ aligners and determine if they are the right option for you. 

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